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By Angela Gooliaff on July 28, 2014 in Uncategorized
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My Path & Progress

During the summer, I was in France. The month of June I spent at DRAWinternational. This artist residency met 100% of my goals. The purpose for attending was to expand my already-in-progress investigations: paralleling ant communal behaviour with the human need for connection and conformity. Amusingly, I discovered that Caylus, France, was the “Walt Disney World” of the microcosm. So many brightly coloured animated insects! Every colour of the rainbow was represented ­­— one fly species even had all the shades on its body… in neon.

A popular insect species among the locals is “Le Gendarme”, firebug in English. They are frequently observed to form aggregations, especially as immature forms, from tens to hundreds of individuals. Upon learning of these species, I began drawing them and am continuing my exploration now that I have returned to Canada. It is my first time working with a different aggregating species other than ants.

The residency due to John’s generous teachings developed my mark-making skills. Prior to my leaving for DRAWinternational, I recognized and was frustrated by my “drawing block”. By the conclusion of my time in France, I developed the confidence for play and explore mark making intelligently again. The residency, as well as the road trips to study other European artists’ works, challenged my art practice leaving me with a demanding sensation for continuing this dialogue with the international art community. I am eager to make more work uninhibited.

Here are some photos of my work from DRAW:

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