Colouring Quiet Night

November 21, 2017

Colouring Quiet Night is a 33-foot long mural at the Taco Club in Revelstoke, BC. I painted it as part of their annual Luna Art Festival. After I painted the line work, the public was invited to colour portions at the opening – the dogwood flowers.

This giant colouring book mural lights up in the evening with glow-in-the-dark animal eyes, stars and a moon. Due to Revelstoke’s affinity to the outdoors, the theme was nature-based. During the day, the mural will celebrate the world’s only temperate inland rainforest surrounding the city. There are many references to animals during the sunlight setting; however, the animal component comes to life during the night with their glowing eyes and body outlines.

The animals I incorporated within the mural will be native species to the local area, including black bears, woodpeckers, owls Steller’s jays, squirrels, hummingbirds and so on. Animals typically seen during the daylight hours will be woven into the mural, but nocturnal species will be prominent in the night.

The mural is packed with meaning, including Greek mythology. I am gravitating towards the feminine. Using the animal counterparts for Greek goddesses known for their strong but fair characteristics, the wisdom of goddess Athena is channeled through an owl and Artemis, a sacred deer.