Come Colour Maurizio

November 21, 2017

Come Colour Maurizio is a 65-foot long mural in Graniti, Sicily. I painted this giant colouring book as an independent project during the Graniti Murales residency program with 13 Feet off the Ground. After I painted the line work, the children of Graniti wanted to colour too! They were then invited to colour the bougainvillea. The remainder of the colouring book is being offered to Italian artist, Maurizio Cattlelan. This mural project has an open invitation to Cattlelan to colour at his leisure one day if he chooses.

The mural uses many Sicilian flowers and fruits, such as the rose, olives and lemons, to make up a giant flower pile dropped by doves, also composed of flowers. In a sense, the doves are bombing the area with beautiful bouquets of flowers for the locals to enjoy.

The mural is packed with meaning, including Greek mythology. I am gravitating towards the feminine. My intention is to plaster the world with feminine symbology to contrast the hyperactive and – at times – destructive masculine. Using the flora and fauna counterparts for Roman goddesses known for their wise and gentle characteristics, Athena – the love of goddess – is channeled through the roses and doves; the goddess of flowers – Flora – the flowers; and Psyche – the goddess of soul – a butterfly.