Dedicated Daily Drawing Practice

May 30, 2018

The illustrator’s drawing technique has influenced by many artists, such as Beatrice Potter, Tim Burton and Edward Gorey. Being diverse, she has a range of styles which will work for your unique projects. She enjoys illustrating personalized marketing, such as for greeting cards, business cards, t-shirts and other in-house company materials.

She has also drawn two books for author children’s author Robin Gregory. She has also written and illustrated her own book, A Fun Food Friends Adventure, in collaboration with her niece Brynna Beaupre who was nine-years old at the time when the collaboration began.

Gooliaff is also busy with a variety visual arts exhibitions, storyboards for comic books and has a mural practice. Her passion is painting on walls. In particular, she creates giant interactive colouring book murals and then invites the public to colour portions of the wall with her.

Her illustration has evolved due to her daily practice of drawing an image every day and then posting the drawing to Instagram. She loves to participate in drawing challenges with other artists from all over the world. A drawing challenge is created by an artist with set words for every day of the month. Artists then draw the same theme every day and then provide feedback on each other’s work.

This gallery is dedicated to posting images from her Instagram account to provide you sample of her work. These illustrations are usually completed at the end of the artist’s day and quickly – within an hour. For in-depth detailed work, please allow for more time.

Wish to join in the daily sketching fun? If you want to be inspired by the many artists participating in the drawing challenges, feel free to contact the artist directly. She can inform you about which monthly challenges are presently underway. It is a fabulous way to meet the global community of illustration, design and fine art.