Giant Pets

October 6, 2018 ,,

Giant Pets is complete!

Working at a fast pace to complete Giant Pets before the heavy winter rains of Vancouver, this 1,200 square foot mural took roughly three weeks to paint. We still had to quit throughout the days due to heavy rains and showers.

Picture Perfect for the BCSPCA

During September of 2018, the City of Vancouver awarded me the Mural Support Program to facilitate the painting on a wall with heavy graffiti. The wall – now coated with a protective anti-graffiti coat – is located at 1227 East 7th Avenue in Vancouver, and next to the BCSPCA, our animal rescue and shelter. The wall ranges from 6 feet (mouse) to 12 feet (dog, bunny, cat and ferret) in height.

The Concept of the Work

The animals – specifically found at an animal shelter – drawn to dinosaur dimensions are meant to be staring out at the audience. The reason is to act out the scene one would encounter during an SPCA visit. With the variety of personalities, each animal in the mural expresses something different. I painted the animals past the top of the wall, indicating they are still growing/expanding and that their time at the SPCA will soon expand in someone’s home and heart.
The viewer is to experience a sensation of growth and expansion rather than complete comfort. The animals are happy at the SPCA but they will outgrow their surroundings and need to go to a good and loving home.

Stylized Patterning on the Animals

The stylized pattern on the animals’ bodies references quilting and quilting bees, a social gathering where – typically – women gather for artistic expression. This communal activity of the quilting bee parallels the community effort required to care for our animal friends.

The Blue Background Has Meaning

The background blue references China Creek flowing underground.