Observation #3

September 8, 2014


ANT v ART is a collaborative writing/drawing project between London born arts writer Altair Roelants and Vancouver artist Angela Gooliaff.

ANT v ART subverts the language of contemporary art criticism by reappropriating its terms of address through a two-way writing and drawing exchange (v) between critic (ART) and artist (ANT). This is conducted via a correspondence played out in the postal system rather than using the much socially preferred speed of digital communication.

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The below text is in response to Observation #2’s drawing.



Observation No#3: the multiples of ‘send’ for the detached, attached 21st Century artist

(Response to Drawing No.2 and “the most famous unknown artist” Ray Johnson’s mail art c. 1962)


Altair Roelants

Instructions for the artist: detach parts of drawing to reenact (some of) the contemporary artist’s (you and your) communication, promotion and financial channels etc.

  1. (Right ear): Detach here & send to a prolific (on occasion influential) art blogger you met/meet at an exhibition opening
  2. (Middle of ears): Detach here & Tweet this bit (ask your followers to retweet)
  3. (Left ear): Detach here & attach to a detached email to a large anonymous mailing list
  4. (Right top side of face): Detach here & post on your website, blog (sticky), Facebook, LinkedIn page – ask your friends and connections to like it/endorse you etc.
  5. (Left top side of face): Detach here & upload to a crowd funding site and set-up a campaign for an art project of your choice
  6. (Right eye): Detach here & take a selfie with detached drawn eye held in front of your real right eye – then use the image to start a WhatsApp group chat with art world friends
  7. (Left eye): Detach here & send to a social media PR wonder women (or man, or both)
  8. (Right cheek): Detach here & post as a link on a curatorial Skype Salon agenda and/or critical platform
  9. (Left cheek): Detach here & email to the editor of one iconic digital contemporary arts magazine
  10. (Mouth): Detach here & upload to various complicated online funding applications (….to feed)
  11. (Nose): Detach here & Instagram (#ANT) and pin onto your Pintarest board (ask for more likes from your friends)
  12. (Frame): Detach here & submit to a commercial art gallery and/or online gallery
  13. (Left over bits): Detach here & save to exhibit at one vaguely titled group exhibition

Copyright © 2015 Altair Roelants

To read the text and article about the ideas behind Altair’s observation no. 3, please visit her website by clicking here.