Robot Love

Introducing Robot Love

During the summer of 2018, the City of Vancouver contracted me to design an art wrap for their utility boxes. Installed  on West Broadway at the corner of Balaclava and Broadway Avenue, I hope you fall in love with Robot Love.

About My Work

I explore feminine symbols for peace and wisdom, and story in my drawings. Goddesses are shown in their animal or plant forms. For example, the Greek goddess Artemis, the protector of animals, appears as a deer within my work.

Symbols in Robot Love

In Robot Love, I explored city life and selected sensitive species – the butterfly, frog and bee. Heqet, goddess of fertility, is depicted in frog form. Artemis and Demeter are connected to the bee form. The butterfly represents Psyche (goddess of the soul), exemplifying a woman’s search for authentic personal growth and transformation.

My Hope for Vancouver

Flowers symbolize the Greek goddess Chloris. I used the flower as interruption to our current story of the world. Everyone is driven by story – it’s how we learn, persuade and even understand ourselves. Perhaps, this offering of a flower from a robot will charm the public’s current views and placement within the world.