Ruminations of Order

April 27, 2013

The exhibition Ruminations of Order is a group show with 3 other artists: Rosemary Burden, Judy D. Shane and Debbie Westergaard Tuepah. Its debut was March 15–April 13, 2013 at CityScape Community Art Space in North Vancouver, BC.

Exhibition Theme:  Within the lived experience of the twenty-first century, we are bombarded by and have access to huge amounts of information. It is where technologies allow us to delve deep into the micro and grapple with the macro.  Inherent in the conflict and contradictions that emerge through this experience is the possibility of new imaginings, an unlearning or remapping of art traditions, information, social constructs or science.

Reminiscent of post-minimalism where materiality and the process of production was often an integral aspect of the work, all four emerging artists included in this proposal seemingly borrow from models of code generation, where simple actions are repeated, ultimately leading to fragmentation and the disintegration of one order in favour of a new.  Experimenting with diverse materials and working in the gaps between forms and genres, their processes create patterns and new ways of considering information.

Using parody and exaggeration, Angela Gooliaff studies the process of creating new shapes via the repetition of recognizable biological forms, such as ants and flowers. Moving between traditional drawing mediums and digital technologies, Gooliaff examines human behaviour, social systems and scientific theories, creating new forms of order by developing connections between the unexpected.