Artist Statement

Artist Bio

In current explorations, I am exploring the myths, legends and stories from many cultures and eras through the contemporary lens of the adult colouring book. These include legends of Greek gods and goddesses, historical stories from Japan, China, North American First Nations people and the Saami people. I have also included tales written by Hans Christian Andersen. I am curious about the rising popularity of the adult colouring book and the need that it fulfills in society.

I have connected my investigation of these tales with the adult colouring book movement as, in both, I see the desire to connect with something missing in our lives. Just like Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, my research became an endless dive down the rabbit hole. Wrestling meaning out of these stories, which frequently rely on metaphor to relay universal truths, I query whether the poetic truths from century-old legends have been lost on a society that covets scientific fact and dogma over the esoteric magic found in generations of storytelling.