Artist Statement

Parody and exaggeration are my spirit animals. If Edward Gorey and Beatrix Potter were to have had an offspring, it would have been me. I love the creepy but also I like the cute. I like science and art, pretty + ugly things, and realism + fantasy. Sensing a trend? It is true! I like opposites and then portray them on paper.

I also draw giant colouring book murals.

In large format, I explore feminine symbology of peace and wisdom, and story through a giant interactive colouring book mural. My hope is to create an interruption to the current story paradigms found within the world – many outdated.

Everyone is driven by story – it’s how we learn, persuade and even understand ourselves – and the colouring book is often a place where the stories of our childhood began. Giving the audience control to own their story through colour, perhaps will get them thinking about their own contemporary story and placement within our world.

If nothing else though, I want my art to say nothing. I want it to make you feel.